About Help Nurtures Hope

Our Philosophy

Help Nurtures Hope teaches that mentoring and assisting someone to change or overcome the obstacles to provide sustainable solutions brings the greatest hope into an individual’s life. It is not simply giving or providing commodities but offering time, effort, talents, energy, and awareness to become part of an ongoing journey that lifts, encourages, and works toward individuals making lasting changes over time. Even a short duration can make an impactful change to those on these personal paths.

Our Origin and Motivation

Help Nurtures Hope commenced in 2015 as an idea stemming from the service our daughter was providing with YMAD (Youth Making a Difference) and our involvement in helping the Ouelessebougou Alliance of Utah. We, as a family, decided that we had talents, skills, and knowledge to share and offer. Over the last three years, our combined love for cultures, for people, and for service led to the evolution of Help Nurtures Hope becoming a non-profit organization, which seeks out genuine needs in local and global communities. Oftentimes, genuine needs include improving and augmenting education, health and sanitation, construction, skill-building, and other services.

Our Missions

In 2018, we commenced offering endeavors for youth ages 16 to 18 and leaders/mentors to develop awareness, service ethic, and lifelong values through experiential learning, leadership training, cultural exchange, mentoring, and service action. For about a year, youth and adults come together to form a service team who will put leadership into action and become humanitarian ambassadors through local and global service. Our mentors, facilitators, supports, and sponsors, who are exemplary champions of service, offer their knowledge, skills, and experiences to assist in the development of leadership and growth in each team member. Although our missions take us to various parts of the world, we know that the real change happens when service becomes an innate part of who we are. Metaphorically, we learn to close our physical eyes so that the eyes of our heart and mind may open with new perception and perspective.